January 29, 2016

Sew: Tessuti Alice Dress

Is there a period of time after which you cannot post an item on your blog?? I believe I made this dress at the end of last Summer and then put it away, so it's about 11 months old. Better late than never!

This is of course the Tessuti Alice dress. I'm not sure I can add much value to the discussion on this pattern. It's simple, easy to put together and perfect for hot weather. Just make sure you go down two sizes. I'm still not sold on this style on me. It does look a bit shapeless on me but some days just call for a glorified sack.

I do love this linen. I had a tiny piece of the orange colourway a few years ago. I couldn't justify the expense of it for a full garment. Then one fateful day, I saw it online reduced or as a remnant, I can't remember which, and I snatched it up. I have a little bit left which I'm hoping to get a top out of. Thankfully, fabric doesn't go off.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Alice dress, size M
Fabric: Printed linen from Tessuti online
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Sew: Tessuti Kate top & By Hand London Flora skirt

My cousin got married last weekend on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula. I picked up this amazing Max Mara cotton sateen from Tessuti Melbourne way back in October with good intentions to get cracking on this outfit. I knew I wanted to make a two piece outfit with a full A-line skirt and a cropped tank top. And that's as far as I got...

I finally bought the patterns on New Year's Eve. I also got the netting to underline the skirt. My plan was to crank it out while the boys were on holidays with my parents (hello, camping at the beach!). Instead I went out a few nights with my husband, as you do when you don't have the kids. I also spent a few nights stuck on the couch with Netflix, just because. I then got sick with some nasty virus which rendered me bed-ridden for a few days. And then the boys were back!

Once I did start, I encountered numerous problems with the skirt. I'd folded a good 20cm of width out of the skirt flare and didn't re-do the curve of the waistband. Rookie mistake. So when it came to attaching the waistband to the skirt, there were massive folds of fabric at the hip near the waistband. The fabric wanted to bunch up. I knew something was off in this area as the angle at the side seam - waistline corner was too sharp. So I unpicked the waistband, side seam invisible zip and re-drew the waistline curve. Removing 5cm off the top of the waist at the side seam and tapering it back to the existing centre front. I then re-inserted the zip and re-attached the waistband. Outfit saved!

I finished the outfit at 11am on the day of the wedding. We dropped the boys with friends at midday and drove to Geelong for the wedding. Close call! I'm pleased to report I wasn't hand stitching in the car on the way. My grandmother was famous for doing that!

The top was no trouble at all. I made quite a few alterations (see below) and hemmed it temporarily so I can unpick it to return it to a more everyday length.

I most likely won't wear this outfit again as a complete set but I really want to wear the individual pieces frequently. I've already worn the skirt to work this week, paired with a white t-shirt and black flats.

Project Details - Top
Pattern: Tessuti Kate Top, view B, size L
Fabric: Cotton sateen from Tessuti Melbourne
Alterations: Straightened and shortened hem by 12cm, removed 4cm from back neckline, omitted back opening and side splits, turned binding to the inside
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Project Details - Skirt 
Pattern: By Hand London Flora Dress (skirt front pattern piece only), UK size 18
Fabric: Cotton sateen from Tessuti Melbourne
Alterations: Removed about 20cm from front and back width, reshaped waistline curve, added straight 4cm wide waistband, topstitched Mokuba ribbon to waistband
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January 06, 2016

Sew: S2215 skirt (again)

Happy new year friends! I'm really looking forward to 2016 and what it holds. I love turning over a new leaf.

I know it's been months since I last posted but I'm back with a new work skirt. Yes, another Simplicity 2215. Why change when you're a winner?

I used a crepe from Tessuti Melbourne instead of a cotton sateen this time. Complete game changer! The different fabric changes the whole look of the skirt. This fabric is soft and swishy but with a bit of weight.

I made this skirt exactly the same size as all the other versions and it turned out about 7cm too big on the waist. No I have definitely not lost weight (quite the opposite actually) and I'd only just made another version a few weeks earlier. I can only attribute this to the fabric, even though it has no stretch. All my other versions have been cotton sateen. This is a much lighter crepe. Once I'd completely finished it, I realised it was too big and that I wouldn't wear it as is. Rachel suggested I insert some elastic in to the back waist band to bring it in. It worked a treat and actually makes for a very comfortable skirt.

Project Details
Pattern: Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 2215, view C, size 20
Fabric: Crepe from Tessuti Melbourne
Alterations: Lengthened by 10cm, inserted elastic in to the back waist band

As always, there will be more of these skirts. They are a perfect work skirt for me.

What's your perfect work skirt? Please do share, because I can't wear the same skirt every day!

October 05, 2015

Sew: Vogue 8921 (aka the Frocktails dress)

For a long time I wasn't sure what I was going to make for Frocktails. But thanks to the powers of Instagram I was obsessed with Vogue 8921 after I saw Kat's post. Kat was extremely kind to gift me her pattern as she'd bought a size too large. Thanks Kat! 

The fabric I chose was a glittery mesh fabric from Rathdowne Fabrics. I bought it with no plans. I just I thought it would be a fun stash fabric. It didn't even make it to the stash. Thankfully, as I don't have any room in the stash at the moment! 

The pattern is good and I would like to make it again in a slinkier knit. I'd also like to make it with the crossover front. It was fun to wear but it's not really my style. I don't usually wear long sleeves. Or glittery knits. 

The biggest issue I had was the shapelessness of the waist. I wasn't planning on wearing it with a belt but it didn't really look any good without some sort of waist definition. I tried sewing elastic in to the waist without success. A belt was the easiest solution. 

Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 8921, size 16
Fabric: Glitzy sparkle mesh from Rathdowne Fabrics
Alterations: 4cm sway back adjustment, fully lined with slinky black knit (also from Rathdowne), elastic waist
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All in all it was a fun project for an excellent night. Not sure it will be worn again as is. I might shorten it to just below the knee and possibly shorten the sleeves to 3/4.

October 01, 2015

Sew: Simplicity 2215 skirt

I am currently wearing this skirt. I thought if I don't blog it now, like right now, it will never make it to the blog.

My love for Simplicity 2215 is well documented. You can see my previous makes here and here. I also have an undocumented denim one. I made this skirt as per the pattern and just lengthened it by 7.5cm.

The sateen is really nice and crisp. It holds its shape and doesn't wrinkle much at all. The squares are actually blue and black which is a slight change from my standard black, charcoal and white work wardrobe. I would like to make a blue top to wear with this skirt. I'm wearing it with my black Mandy boat tee.

Project Details
Pattern: Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 2215, view C, size 20
Fabric: Cotton sateen from Tessuti Melbourne
Alterations: Lengthened by 7.5cm

L x

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