July 19, 2016

Sew: Grey Tessuti Sydney Jacket (again!)

I love the look of my first grey Sydney jacket but the wool is not soft and not comfortable to wear. When I made my second Sydney jacket this year, I loved the softness of the boiled wool so much that I couldn't bring myself to wear the first grey one anymore. I always opted for the softer "grilled eggplant" one. So I decided to buy some grey boiled wool to make a jacket to replace my original Sydney jacket. And geez I love it so!

My father calls it my blanket jacket and it secretly is a blanket I suppose. But a stylish blanket!

The wool is a boiled wool from The Drapery online. I bought the one that had a machine fault every 30cm (now sold out). It is lovely and soft and the perfect grey colour.

I did extend the sleeves this time by 10cm but I'm not convinced about them. They seem to catch on my elbows when I bend my arms. I may go back and chop them off. At least it's easy with this pattern!

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Fabrics Sydney Jacket, size L
Fabric: Boiled wool from The Drapery
Alterations: Extended sleeves by 10cm
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June 05, 2016

Sew: Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee

I have no words to describe this simple but soon to be much loved striped Mandy Boat Tee. It is simple perfection. That is all.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee
Fabric: Yin & Yang Ebony viscose spandex knit from Tessuti (deep stash)
Alterations: Lengthened sleeves by 10cm, slashed and spread sleeve by 2.5cm
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Sew: Tessuti Sydney Jacket

After the raging success of my first Sydney Jacket, I went on the hunt for a camel coloured boiled wool to make another. I thought camel would go well with black. Not sure what happened but I came out of Rathdowne Fabrics with this maroon slightly brown coloured boiled wool. At Sewjourn, we decided to call it "Grilled Eggplant".

Whatever colour it is, I've certainly enjoyed wearing it. My first Sydney jacket was in a felted wool and although I love the colour, it is not very snuggly to wear. After wearing this boiled wool version a few times, I went and bought a grey boiled wool to replace my first version. It is like wearing a blanket. So warm and snuggly.

This was my first Sewjourn project. I got through quite a few projects this time but I then promptly got sick and so did Mr Sew Brunswick so it's been a quiet few weeks.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Fabrics Sydney Jacket, size L
Fabric: Boiled wool from Rathdowne Fabrics
Alterations: None
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I'm wearing it with my new striped Mandy Boat Tee which I'll blog about soon...
April 19, 2016

Sew: Alexa + Lola dress

I bought this fabric a good 3 or 4 years ago on a trip to Sydney with Rachel. I knew it was going to be a knit tee dress. It just had to wait for a few years to become a reality.

I like the fit of the Lola tee through the body but the shoulders are a bit off on me. I like the shoulders of the Alexa tee but the body is a bit too fitted for me. Combine the two and voila!! The shoulders, sleeves and chest area are the Alexa tee. From the bust down is the Alexa tee lengthened to dress length. I wasn't planning on matching the stripes but they were too close not to match.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Alexa top + Tessuti Lola tee
Fabric: Knit from The Fabric Store
Alterations: Shoulders from Alexa top, body (from bust down) from Lola tee, lengthened to dress length, scooped neckline out 7cm
April 12, 2016

Sew: Tessuti Lily Dress

This dress is summer perfection to me. Black & white, tent-like and a TNT pattern. It is of course the Lily Linen Dress pattern from Tessuti Fabrics. I've made it twice before and both have become firm favourites. I really like the fit of the pattern across the neck and chest on me. It fits well and falls perfectly.

This time I used a rayon nylon blend from Tessuti that is light and drapey. It has a slight crinkle to it which is good because it doesn't press well.

The only alteration I made was to omit the hemline tucks.

Project Details
Pattern: Tessuti Lily Linen Dress, size L
Fabric: Blackwell Check rayon nylon blend from Tessuti Melbourne
Alterations: Omitted hemline tucks
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I also used the Lily Linen Dress pattern to make a dress for a good friend's significant birthday. I asked her to chose her fabric from Tessuti and she chose a medium-weight linen called Licorice which is an interesting greyish green (the colour you get when you bite in to licorice).

I had great pleasure in making a dress for someone else who I knew would greatly appreciate it. It turned out beautifully. I think I need a Lily dress with sleeves now...

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